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Internal Qigong
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  A Qigong class with Amadis is a mix of animation, meditation, visualisation and transmission practices.

More about Internal Qigong Alchemy

INTERNAL QIGONG ALCHEMY combines and adapts traditional practices for the Western culture and needs of our times, and to facilitate its practice. These include Dao Hua Qi Gong and Bu Qi.

Medical Qigong

is the practice which benefits your physical health and constitution. The purpose is to improve your general wellness as well as heal any manifest ailments.

Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan)

is Daoist meditation, visualisation and attunement practices. Through them you connect and experience different aspects of your spiritual reality.

Working with ‘internal alchemical’ practices you cultivate your physical and personal wellness. A subtle yet deep transformation takes place where you find what your true nature. In Chinese philosophy this is understood as your authentic and original state of being. It also leads to a deepening sense of oneness with ‘all that is’ so you come to realise your integral connection with nature and the cosmos.

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“Amadis is an amazing teacher and practitioner with in depth knowledge and experience. His Qigong classes include very deep and healing guided meditations.”

Helen, 2022

Internal Qigong Alchemy Classes


A class with Amadis is a mix of animation, meditation, visualisation and transmission practices. These include movements, postures, voicework and breathwork. Alongside set sequences and forms you will also explore free-flowing styles or spontaneous qigong.

We begin each session with a focus on physical practices, including shaking, opening the joints and stretching the muscles. These release tension, relax, soften, invigorate and rejuvenate the body.

Following on, a range of postures and movement sequences are combined with breathwork and mindfulness to connect to the life force (Qi) around you and activate it within you. Some forms focus primarilly on the physical structures of your body, others on the vital energy and essence flowing in the ‘network of animation’ inside you. These are the channels of Qi used in acupuncture.


We practice forms related to the Five Chinese Elements. Through specific sequences you come to know the nature and qualities of Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal and how they relate to you and nature and cosmos. These include the cycle of the five seasons so the classes are divided into five terms a year.

You will be introduced to a spectrum of forms and sequences including the Qi Sphere, Qi Rainbow, The Five Animals, The Five Transformations, the Healing Channel Circulation, and the Microcosmic Orbit.

The idea is the more Qi you have, the more alive, robust and youthful you feel. The subtle yet real experience of Qi is obtained through internal focussing, what is often described as ‘felt-sense’.

‘Spontaneous Qigong’ is considered one of the deepest of Qigong practices. Here you tune into the Qi with the intention of letting it take charge and initiate your movements and sounds, instead of your intention. This is both a liberating and wonderful experience – trusting in the life force and your spirit to direct you and move you. Over time, as your capacity for ‘spontaneous practice’ increases, you experience life energy flowing through, awakening your creativity for dynamic and artisitc movement.


At the start of classes we allow time to discuss any queries you may have so you can fully grasp what you are learning. I often present the history, concepts, principles and purpose of the practices, including their specific physical, medical and spiritual benefits.

    Over time you often find you develop your potential Qi-related faculties such as intuitive powers, psychic sensitivity and a capacity to heal others.

Internal Qigong for Healing

Medical Qigong also known as Healing Qigong is a practice which helps you focus Qi to specific physical areas or the entire body to heal it. Healing Qi nourishes the cells, cleanses the organs, clears toxins, frees stagnation, releases pain and expels so-called ‘illness energy’.

This not only brings healing to problem areas, it also strengthens your constitution and immune system, thereby help manage long-term difficult conditions and prevent new ones develop.

Psychologically you also heal, by relaxing, unwinding and letting go. This contributes to greater emotional stability, mental clarity and internal harmony.

Over time, your health and energy improve and you feel more vital and youthful. As your illness decreases, your wellness increases.

  The longer you practice the more internal benefits of this way are revealed. The essential nature and spiritual dimension of existence become ever more apparent.

Internal Qigong for Spiritual Realisation and Healing

There are many variations of Internal Alchemy (Nei Dan) practices, such as visualisation, attunement and meditation and transmission.. The more you tune into these, the more your spiritual experiences deepen. You will be introduced to a wide range of meditation practices. These all relate to the Five Elements, to ‘Heaven and Earth’ and the ‘Three Treasures’ of spirit (Shen), Vitality (Qi) and Essence (Jing).

Some main ones are known as Wu Xi, Three Treasures Cultivation, Heart Spirit Connection, Radiant Spirit Connection, Vital Spirit Embodiment, Vital Essence Cultivation, Return to the Source and so on.

The notion of being equally connected to the spiritual and physical realms pervades Chinese thought. Internal Qigong is a modern interpretation of traditional practices that bring about this connection.

This distinct style practice at Internal Qigong Alchemy gradually instils in you a way of being, traditionally known as Wu Wei. This roughly translates as ‘free and easy’ or ‘effortless effort’ or ‘relaxed wanderer’ all of which Daoists traditionally aspire to being and living. ‘Internal Practices’ (Nei Gong) will increasingly reveal your spiritual nature, so you come to know The Natural Way (Dao).

    One fascinating aspect of this style of Qigong is Spontaneous Qigong. This is a spontaneous response to the Qi flowing through you so your movements are not scripted by you. Instead they arise from a natural impulse, letting your body move freely without forethought.

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“Soaring on Qigong Qi, thank you.”

Angela, 2021

About Amadis – Your teacher

I have studied Qigong since 1988 and have taught for 30 years.

Over the years I have learned different styles of Qigong styles to create a holistic system suitable for our times. These include Transformational Qigong, Medical Qigong and Internal Alchemy. I bring knowledge and insights gained through my study of Classical Chinese language, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. My 38 years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist also enriches my understanding and teaching of Qigong.

Curriculum Vita

Qigong Trainings & Apprenticeships

Over the years I have learned different styles of Qigong styles to create a holistic system suitable for our times. These include Transformational Qigong, Medical Qigong and Internal Alchemy. I bring knowledge and insights gained through my study of Classical Chinese language, medicine, philosophy and spirituality. My 39 years of clinical experience as an acupuncturist also enriches my understanding and teaching of Qigong.

1989-1993   Medical Qigong classes and workshops – Dr. Thong Nguyen

1990-2007   Dao Hua Qi Gong classes, workshops and retreats – Master Zhi Xing Wang

1991-1993   Taiji Wu Xi Gong workshops – Dr. Hong Xin Shen

1992-1994   Bu-Qi Medical Qigong training – Dr. Hong Xin Shen

1993-2007   Tian Tai and Wu Xi meditation courses – Dr. Hong Xin Shen

1994             Medical Qigong training course – Professor Liu-Liu Bang

1994-1995   Dao Hua Qi Gong Healing training course – Master Zhi Xing Wang

1998-1999   Dao Hua Qi Gong teacher training course – Master Zhi Xing Wang

2000             Daoist Qigong – Daoist spirituality workshops – Master Ni

1984 – ongoing Nei Jing Seminars (Chinese Medical and Daoist classics).
Seminars in Chinese Medicine, philosophy and spirituality – Elizabeth Rochat-de-la-Vallee

Professional History

My history of teaching Qigong one-to-one, in workshops or courses:

1993-1999:         Qigong classes

2003-2005          Five Elements – The Cycle of Life ~ annual experiential courses

2012-2016          Humanistic Alchemy ~ training modules

1996 ongoing:   Medical Qigong ~ one-to-one sessions

1999 ongoing:   Internal Qigong Alchemy ~ workshops, classes and courses

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core aims of Inspirit Way Alchemy?

Inspirit Way Alchemy aims to:


  • facilitate health, vitality, spirituality and well-being.
  • support your personal and spiritual cultivation of yourself.
  • connect to nature, the earth and the cosmos and know their reality.
What makes Inspirit Way Alchemy a unique Qigong system?

Inspirit Way Alchemy has a unique approach by:


  • Integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual so they potentiate each other. In Inspirit Way Alchemy you enlist body, mind and spirit to address your health needs and become whole.
  • Combining ancient spiritual philosophy and practices, known as Internal Alchemy, with traditional self-healing and energy-generating methods known as Vital Practice.
  • Resolving your outer and inner struggles to realise your innate human potential.
Can Inspirit Way Alchemy help me in my daily life?

It can, by helping you to:


  • Have a firmer inner grounding to provide you with greater balance and stability.
  • Transform the way you react to stress and hence deal with situations.
  • Gain a greater clarity and understanding into any illness or stress you may be suffering.
How does Inspirit Way Alchemy promote beneficial changes?

It creates a space where you can:


  • pay attention to what is happening in your body, feelings, mind and heart.
  • discover yourself, heal and grow.
  • find your true authentic self.
Can Inspirit Way Alchemy work on everyone?

Yes it does as:


  • Inspirit Way Alchemy is not a rigid system, instead it works with who you are and what you need.
  • Over time you get to develop your unique style guided by your life force and spirit.
  • you get to recover your natural disposition for self-healing, vitality and spirituality.
Does Inspirit Way Alchemy initiate internal healing differently to other Qigong modalities?

Yes, because:


  • You don’t only directly work on what ails or troubles you, instead you mainly engage with practices that increase wellbeing.
  • You enrich your Qi/vitality and Jing/essence which fortify and sustain you from the start.
  • You discover your latent internal healing capacity and spiritual potential.
How does Inspirit Way Alchemy offer a practice that also induces self-development?

Inspirit Way Alchemy is a system of both healing and spiritual development, so able to:


  • Create the right conditions for deep inner transformation, remedy and realisation.
  • Bring all your different aspects, including those of the Five Elements and Yin-Yang duality parts into an integral whole within you.
  • Align you to your spiritual vitality, wisdom and authenticity.
  • Access your innate resources, known as the Three Treasures: your spiritual consciousness, essence and vitality.
What do you mean by attunement practices?

In practice these entail:


  • physical movement sequences and breathwork.
  • focus on what’s happening in your body whilst doing these.
  • Methods to connect with your vital life force to increase and circulate it.
  • Most importantly, touching into and connect with your spirituality.
    How can my spirit help me?

    Whether we call it original being, true self, spirit, we are describing the inner you. This pristine reality awaits for you.


    • Here you find inner harmony, tranquility, clarity, mastery, beauty and joy.
    • When unite with your spirit, you are nourished, revived and enriched on all levels.
    • This is the source of your wholeness, wellness and true potential.
    What inspires you to work with people with Inspirit Way Alchemy?

    I am inspired to:

    • Share the wonderful, helpful and practical things I have discovered through the study and practice of Alchemy and Classical Chinese Spiritual Philosophy and Medicine.
    • Offer support and guidance on the quest for spiritual meaning, healing and wellbeing.
    • See people grow and blossom into the vital spiritual being they were meant to be.
    What makes you a trustworthy and competent Qigong teacher?

    Having dedicated much of my life to learning, practicing, and teaching Qigong. For me it is my spiritual practice and and vocation as much as a profession.


    • I have explored Qigong and Chinese spirituality for over three decades and have practiced long enough to have a solid bedrock of experience. I’ve been a Qigong teacher for 25 years so have gained plenty of insights how to best present these ancient teachings for Westerners in the twenty-first century.
    • I have attended a wide range of Qigong workshops and courses and teacher trainings. For details please see my Inspirit Way Alchemy CV.
    Can I practice Qigong with restricted movement due to some underlying issue?

    Yes you can still participate in classes. You simply do the mocements to the degree you can, taking care of yourself and respecting your limitations. You can even take temporary breaks and sit down if you need to during the classses. If your condition is one able to improve then over time there is a good possibility it will do so following this approach.

    What should I wear to a Qigong session?

    Loose light clothing is ideal so you can move freely. Bring an extra warmer layer or cover for when we sit down for the meditation. You can wear light indoor footwear or socks with soles that can grip wooden surfaces.

    How long before I can expect to see benefits in my everyday life?

    Everyone is different so there is no rule of thumb. Some can do straight from the first session they attend, others can take several sessions. Most people feel a sense of greater relaxation soon after they start. The deeper the benefit, the longer it takes as with any authentic practice.

    How does Qigong differ from Tai Chi?

    Tai Qi is considered a ‘soft’ martial art with its roots in self-defence. Qi Gong along with Nei Dan are understood as ‘internal alchemy’ with their roots in Daoist spirituality. Qigong is thought to be the precursor of Tai Qi and many martial arts that use Qi.

    Do I need to practice at home between sessions to get the benefit?

    It certainly helps to practice at home but it is not essential as long as you regularly attend classes. Until you ‘master the Qi’, which for most takes years, one hour of practice in a class led by a teacher is considered to have the equivalent benefit as ten hours on your own. Having said that, benefits are bound to come sooner if you do some practice at home between sessions; the main one being a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality.

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