Inspirit Way Alchemy

Internal Qigong

with Amadis Cammell

What is Inspirit Way Alchemy?


QIGONG is a traditional Chinese practice sometimes referred to as ‘Chinese Yoga’ or ‘Internal Alchemy’. Having been developed over millennia, it is a practice which benefits your health, and improves your longevity and wellness. It also increases your vitality and helps connect you with your spiritual nature, encouraging you to live a more authentic life.

INSPIRIT WAY ALCHEMY follows the Jing Shen style of the practice. We take an unrestricted approach encouraging individual exploration and supporting you to follow the way, or Dao, that your spirit shows you. As you follow the class you’ll experience an increased awareness of energy in your body, mind and heart. This energy which has the power to heal, transform and awaken you. The class is perfectly suitable for beginners.

The Benefits Of Inspirit Way Alchemy

Movements, stretches, postures and breathing techniques open the joints and release tension. Consequently stagnant energy is unblocked, pain released, and toxins cleansed. As your body heals in this way a greater flow and connection with your Qi increases vitality, health and vigor.

Emotional and Mental
Inspirit Way Alchemy will help you build emotional resilience, calm your mind, settle your emotions and anchor your spirit. Over time this can lead to relief from anxiety and worry.

Meditation, visualisation and attunement practices enable you to connect and experience your essential spirituality and help you build inner harmony, stability and unity. This style of Qigong is based on ancient Daoist practices which help reveal your innate authentic reality.

Upcoming Workshops 

Inspirit Way Alchemy & Unity Workshops

Wood Element One-Day Workshop

Online on Sunday 18th April, 2021
11.00 am - 5.00 pm
(break in the middle for an hour)

Hosted on zoom

Cost: £30 (£20 concessions) for the day

Contact Amadis to book your place
07941 665506

The WOOD ELEMENT relates to Yang energy. It includes the qualities of growth, expansion, spaciousness, free flow, dynamic vitality and our human soul (Hun). Like trees, Wood energy expands us out to the cosmos whilst also rooting us into the ground. It prompts us to spread our wings and reach for the stars. This element represents the Daoist archetype of the 'free and easy wanderer', one who is spiritually in tune with the Dao: The Natural Way.

The Wood element which is linked to Spring-time reflects the time that nature springs into life. As such it lends itself to revitalising and rejuvenating energy which we can harness through our Qigong practice. 

Recent Workshop Testimonials

"Amadis' Summer Solstice workshop came at the perfect timing.  I so enjoyed experiencing and learning more about the fire element, being guided through beautiful meditations, visualisations and witnessing the wonderful flow of Qi.  It was a very beneficial and inspirational day which left me feeling connected and grounded not only with myself but with the stunning world in which we live.  Thank you so much Amadis"

Jules, 2020

"After a trying week, Amadis' Qi Gong workshop proved invigorating and strengthening. The more internal afternoon session helped me to reorient mentally for the ensuing days."

Ian, 2020

Thursday Evenings

We meet every Thursday, 7pm-9pm

Online, over Zoom

If you are interested in attending, please register for the zoom details or call Amadis on 07941 665506 for a friendly chat

I only started doing Qi Gong in September and have already noticed an improvement in my general health and stamina and have a greater sense of wellbeing. I feel more positive, stronger in myself and am more able to tackle things.