Holistic Therapy by Inspirit Way Therapy

Aug 7, 2020 | Perceptions

As our psychological issues are healed, our authentic inner nature is revealed.

Inspirit Way Therapy is a holistic therapy with an integral vision. Several essential therapeutic practices work together integrally. This therapeutically engages every part of ourselves, so we can realise and actualise our true self.

Holistic Therapy Practices

In holistic therapy, we work with our transpersonal and corporeal as well as our personal aspect. Looking into our spiritual and animal nature is an active part of the therapeutic process. In fact, healing and transformation are available from this therapy precisely because our spirituality and physicality are included.

It is through the fusion of body-centered, relational and transpersonal therapeutic methods that we are able to resolve ‘inner child’ issues. Our hidden emotions and buried pain become more accessible, and make it possible for us to heal our ‘core’ wounds. Simultaneously, we begin to foster a deeper connection with our ‘higher self’. This enables us to gain access to our spiritual resources. If we focus solely on our mental resources we miss out on a wealth of tools which can help us to really maximise our potential.

Holistic Therapy Approach

The challenge with holistic therapy, as well as with any remedial spirituality, is how to galvanise our transpersonal resources to free us from our habitual thinking. We must see through and deconstruct the belief systems instilled in us in childhood. An integrated and holistic approach involving our body, emotions, mind, heart and spirit, can help us to understand and mitigate our conditioning, and realise who we truly are.

For this purpose Inspirit Way Therapy brings together different therapeutic ways into an integral approach. It incorporates psychosomatic, psychotherapeutic and transpersonal methods to address all manner of psychological issues. This unified approach is greater than the sum of its parts, making it a truly effective holistic therapy.

To clarify, Vital Energetics deal with the corporeal, Integral Dynamics with the psychological and Inspiritual Resources with the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Through them our physicality becomes revitalised, our personality becomes integrated, and our spirituality becomes inspirited. Working in an integrated and synergistic way with the entirety of who we are, encourages lasting positive outcomes are possible. Then we can live with greater wholeness and wellness.

Please note: more about the three strands of Inspirit Way Therapy will be featured in future blogposts.