Improving Your Spiritual Life through Spiritual Unity & Connecting to Your Inner Sovereign & Master

May 17, 2023 | Perceptions

Recognising and Embracing Your Spiritual Nature

The Spiritual Unity modality considers that we are our spirit. A spiritual being that inhabits this physical dimension, having a body and so forth. The question is, how do we remember or recognise the quality and the nature of ourselves as that spiritual being? We go into amnesia. We forget, mainly because of our upbringing and conditioning, but also because of the nature of being in a physical body. Even religion doesn’t necessarily guide you on becoming one with your spirit directly.

Spiritual Unity aims to help you recognise and identify with your spirit directly. Identifying with your spirit by becoming embodied allows you to return to your true nature. Your personality is transformed. It no longer just operates on minimal information. It allows the full spectrum of who we are to come into our reality so we can act as the spiritual being we truly are. When we begin to operate as the spiritual being we are, we can experience a real sense of well-being and peace, and our true nature can come forth. Our loving, kind, benevolent, empathic, compassionate, caring, strong, and understanding nature can come through. Then you start to live in your true spiritual authority, firm in your spiritual understanding and knowingness and confident in your divine power.

Cultivating Inner Sovereignty and Authenticity

As the Sufis say, your brain doesn’t know everything – it is limited. But it has the capacity for all-knowingness. Everything that must be known in any given moment will become known intuitively, inspirationally or through revelation. The consciousness of the spirit is knowingness. Spirit already has all the information. We only need to connect with that.

True spiritual reality is about beingness, knowingness and lovingness; Infinite capacity for compassion, love, understanding, goodness, and presence. That confidence, self-assuredness, and self-worth can only come by knowing you are an infinite, eternal being at source.

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Learning from a Spiritual Master: Influence and Transformation

I learnt the Spiritual Unity methodology from an incredibly realised spiritual master, Master Chan, who I studied with for 20 years. In his presence, the whole room would go into the deepest of meditations. You would sit and be overwhelmed by feelings of unity, bliss, a sense of safety and healing. It was like liquid was flowing through your body, healing every cell and anointing you with spiritual power and kindness. You would leave his classes transformed in an exalted sublime state of consciousness, with an open heart full of joy, mirth and celebration, and pure freedom. It resulted from being immersed in the presence of Chan’s incredible energy. These are the stones that Spiritual Unity classes are founded on.

Practices in Spiritual Unity: Meditation and Daily Life Connection

Spiritual Unity classes aim to help you move closer towards this spiritual reality, which has the power to transform your life on Earth. When we know our true nature, we can feel reassured that whatever is going on, we can always come home to our true spiritual nature, to feed and nurture us and return us to a sense of who we really are. Perfecting this process is life’s work, but it has to start somewhere.

In the weekly spiritual unity sessions, there is a heavy emphasis on meditation. We also discover little ways to connect with our spirit during the day when we can’t sit down and meditate—for example, optimising how we handle situations in daily life when we’ve heard terrible news or are consumed with worry about our financial situation. We learn to look to our spirit for the resources we lack so we no longer feel a victim of life’s circumstances. Instead, we know we are here to exercise our spiritual qualities in how we choose to respond to life.

The Role of the Teacher and the Guru: Facilitating Growth and Discernment

A lot of these concepts are experiential. I hope to facilitate you having this experience, and the experience itself is what takes you to the understanding. Master Chan would always say, ‘I am the mouthpiece’. If I say something useful, then take it. If I say something that doesn’t land with you, chuck it away. There’s nothing holy about what I am saying. If it doesn’t help you, ignore it. I used to like that because it permitted us to say, I don’t know about that, or I don’t know if that applies to me. It creates a system that is safe for everyone to use. There is no middle-man on this path. The teacher is the mentor or facilitator, not the guru. The guru is your heart master.

Understanding Chinese Elements and Inner Energy Channels

Chinese Elements have two energy channels within us that correspond to an organ, one for Yin and one for Yang energy. The Fire element channel in nature and ourselves is notably double, with two Yin and two Yang channels. Why? One pair channel the pure spiritual nature of our being – the Sovereign Lord. The other pair channel our heart energy of how the Heart Spirit operates in the world and galvanises and rules you. When we fully surrender to it, it becomes our Heart Master, where our will is in service to the heart will of our spirit. When we finally say to our spirit,” Yes, you take control, I don’t know what to do, I know nothing, I trust you, and I have faith”. That’s how we equalise the flow in both channels, which takes time. That is akin to enlightenment. Trust’s not in our human nature, so it takes time to surrender and trust.

I may be your guide, mentor, or helper in Spiritual Unity. I facilitate and teach you by sharing my knowledge and experiences. However, ultimately, the Master is within. Contrary to many religious doctrines, this is how we claim our responsibility as spiritual human beings. We are standing up and declaring we are mature enough to take that spiritual authority for ourselves because the teacher is within us.