Communing with our spiritual nature

Jul 1, 2020 | Perceptions

Communional spirituality connects us to our spiritual nature; the spiritual aspect of our being. It is intimately communing, communicating and engaging with our spirit.

The proposition here is that essentially we are a spirit and as such we are integral to the Whole/One. As our spirit is integral to all there is, it links us to the rest of the universe. We then come to perceive all beings as one whole, so we feel a oneness with all existence.

Inspirit Way, unlike the plethora of transpersonal practices around today, directly connects our personality with our spirit and progressively unifies them. Spirituality here denotes our spiritual nature directly influencing us so we can reflect its nature in our self.

Communional spirituality is not a spiritual bypass of life

When spirit touches our heart it makes us more aware of other sentient beings. We come to see others as valuable and important as ourselves. We begin to relate to them in a genuinely open way and become concerned about their wellbeing.

Inspirit Way is not about chasing after peak experiences, neither is it an attempt to avoid trying situations. Its focus is cultivating an everyday capacity to know, be with and live by our authentic spiritual nature. It seems that today much for what passes as spiritual is in fact an attempt to avoid the world and the challenges thrown at us. Chanting, dancing or worshiping our way out of the human condition is not what constitutes a genuinely spiritual life.

Our conditioning compels us to fulfil the agendas that were instilled in us. Doing so becomes a life-long pursuit where spirituality has little place. It is vital not to delude ourselves thinking we are being all spiritual when in fact we’re busy satisfying our egoic impulses, wants and needs. There can be no ambiguity about this, in any given moment either we are being empathic or egocentric. In this sense spirituality is not being solely concerned about our own person but also aware of the needs of others.

In the Orient the notion of virtue is not about morality or codes of behaviour. Rather it is that which touches our heart and soul and makes us less ego-fixated. That which makes us more aware of our spirit and of the rest of existence.

Communional spirituality engages us directly with our spiritual nature

So how can our spiritual nature become an integral part of our humanity? Basically through intimate fellowship with the numinous aspect of our greater being. The idea is to be consciously aware of this reality in our everyday life. In other words to cultivate the capacity to act in accordance to our spiritual nature.

The attempt to be ideal, supreme, glorious and exalted has no part in true spirituality. Our idealised self-image is in fact generated by our superego to keep us striving for unattainable states. Rather than trying to rise above the world, embrace it. Bolstered by our spiritual resources we can overcome the negativity within us and around us.

At times we might feel bad, we may even believe in the script in our head that we are this or that. However whenever we reach out to be touched by our spirit, the discord and turbulence is seen for what it is and recedes. We come to realise our inner demons are the result of painful experiences in childhood and not our actual nature.

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Living in the often harsh environment of this anxiety-inducing world can end up causing us real distress. For our essential spiritual nature is rarely met or welcomed. Benevolence, lovingness, kindness and altruism are seldom appreciated or responded to. We keep bumping into our own and others’ narcissistic self-interest and indifference.

Confronted with such challenges, we respond in classic defensive ways that may seem expedient but come at a spiritual expense. By detaching and separating from the human condition we lose ourselves in masked responses.  These do not reflect our authentic self.

How do we stay true to our original spiritual nature, confronted with everything life throws at us?

The answer is to feel close to our spirit. Then all the trouble and strife we encounter doesn’t affect us in the same way as before. We stop identifying with our trauma and suffering and accept them for what they are. We come to realise these transient states will reduce in impact. As long as we ally with our greater self, negative internal tendencies no longer affect us as they used to. Then can we truly grow and transcend.

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Communional spirituality as the way

Chinese mystics describe this as following The Way of Heaven, or simply The Way. This is a way of vitality, potency, mastery, authenticity and beauty. Why rely on our limited personality when we can depend on our unlimited spirit? Why keep resorting to inadequate personal strategies and ineffective coping mechanisms? Instead, we can access all the necessary spiritual attributes to grow and flourish.

Life is not about finding a nice little niche and staying put. That is not evolution, that is stagnation. We are here to grow, like all nature. Yes, good times can be had but not at the expense of realising our spiritual potential. Making oneself whole is the very purpose of existence.

The key to spirituality is communion, partnership, collaboration, a conscious synesis (Greek for coming/bringing together). It is realising we can’t do life on our own. It is consistently and repeatedly reaching out to spirit to be supported, guided and inspirited. True wellbeing, meaning, purpose and self-worth come from a deep sense of our place in the universe. This sense itself comes from having a deep intimacy with our spirit.