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Amadis has been journeying through the healing sphere for more than forty years

Amadis began his personal development journey in his early twenty’s by exploring healing, therapy and spirituality in depth.

I was looking for solutions to the seemingly intractable issues of the human condition. Consequently, this exploration led me to becoming a healer, acupuncturist, therapist, and spiritual mentor. In short, my own personal journey, combined with more than forty years of working with people, has led me to develop the work I do now.

Amadis – past story

At the beginning of my journey I become involved with the counter-culture, living an alternative lifestyle whilst participating in the human potential development movement. This provided many invaluable experiences learning about myself and others. I devoted a lot of time to finding ways to free myself from my conditioning. I dived deeply into humanistic therapy and finding ways to access my innate spirituality. As a result, these now form much of the basis of my work with others.

In 1977 I began a twenty-year spiritual apprenticeship with my teacher, Chan. My own spiritual practices are based on his practical teachings on how to develop an intimate fellowship with one’s spirit.  Importantly, these teachings were underpinned with Chinese Qigong, Daoist spirituality, Pathwork and Diamond Logos.

As well as the teachers and mentors who’ve guided and inspired me, the greatest catalysts to my own evolution have been my children, partners and pets. The family who have touched my heart, supported, enthused and comforted me along the way.

Amadis – present story

I now experience an inner joy as a result of an increasing unity with my spirit and the Oneness. Furthermore, a distinct synthesis of spirituality and psychology evolved from my own healing journey. As a result, I now apply this when working with others in a healing capacity. Specifically my aim is to help transform the human condition from an existential struggle to an essential existence.

My objective is to live truthfully and engage fully with what inspirits me. As our world rushes headlong towards the mother of ecological crises, my aspiration is to be part of the growing community of individuals trying to deal with this. Specifically, my own contribution is to help others awaken and connect to their integral spiritual reality. Therefore, my vocation is to forge an integral way, where people can flourish in a place of heart and spirit – that of Inspirit Way.

Amadis Cammell ~ Your Inspirit Way Practitioner

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