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“I have done extensive therapy over many years and I find a therapy session with Amadis to be like no other that I have experienced. Amadis brings together a wide range of skills, expertise, knowledge, intuition, wisdom and insight in an accessible, honouring and loving way that’s healing, understanding and integrating.”

Roxanna, 2021

Inspirit Way Therapy combines talking therapy with therapeutic body-focussed and transpersonal practices to facilitate deep personal transformation 

Have you found traditional talking therapy lacking in spirituality? Have you struggled to go as deep as, or get the results, you had hoped for?

 Inspirit Way Therapy takes a holistic approach. It incorporates verbal counselling with relational dynamics body-centred practices, drama processes, transpersonal approaches and spiritual resources.

It combines working with your ‘inner adult, parent and child’, along with working with the body and your core spiritual reality. Together these become powerful instruments for deep psychological healing, personal transformation and self-realisation.

How Inspirit Way Therapy Works

Inspirit Way Therapy (previously known as Integral Core Therapy) works with the mind, heart, body and spirit to offer a truly holistic approach. Because of this it can help you come to terms with past pain, heal old wounds, release shock, discover self-love and realise what you can become.

Who Can Benefit From Inspirit Way Therapy

Are you looking to heal old wounds? Increase your wellbeing? Grow into your full potential and find your purpose in life?


Then Inspirit Way Therapy can help you process and release difficult psychological issues. Specifically issues such as PTSD, childhood trauma, bereavement, heartbreak, and help you to heal from emotional suffering, depression, anxiety, and a general sense of unease with your current situation in life.

Replacing negative personal and behavioural traits with their positive counterparts is a truly psychological transformation

As your Inspirit Way Therapist I will support you specifically to:

  • Understand and resolve your psychological issues
  • Alleviate chronic emotional pain
  • Get to know, care for and heal your ‘wounded inner child’
  • Accept and appreciate yourself
  • Realise your fundamental value and self-worth
  • Free yourself from negative conditioning
  • Find it easier to connect to others
  • Address personal relationship issues
  • Deepen your capacity for empathy and intimacy
  • Strengthen your sense of self
  • Find your way to a more authentic life

In addition, if you are a practicing therapist, healer or coach, Inspirit Way Therapy can take you deeper into your own experience and give you. As a result it can provide you with tools and confidence to work with your own clients in a deeper way.

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“As a practitioner, my practice has deepened in the work I do because of the teachings I have acquired from Amadis which has taken me on a personal and spiritual journey over several years giving me the professional tools to help in a world that so needs healing. My confidence has extended as a human being, I have faced the fears which once prevented me from becoming who I really am.”

Lynn, 2019

What Are The Potential Positive Outcomes Of Inspirit Way Therapy

As a result of undertaking Inspirit Way Therapy, there are many potential therapeutic benefits and positive outcomes, including:


  • Turn suffering into a catalyst for growth
  • Build emotional resilience to better deal with uncontrollable events
  • Accept the human condition for what it is and make most of your life
  • Appreciate all that makes life sweet and beautiful
  • Live a more authentic and fulfilling life

Furthermore, Inspirit Way Therapy enhances your capacity on an inner and spiritual level. Namely to:


  • Access the innate resources of your true self
  • Connect to the love of your heart
  • Develop greater compassion for yourself and others
  • Find your meaning and purpose in this life
  • Trust in your core self and existence
  • Develop a deeper intimacy and unity with your spirit
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“Over the many years I have worked with Amadis… I have always found our sessions insightful and transformative. The power of understanding myself in a deeper way and healing wounds, though at times painful, has allowed me to be kind to myself and find peace and acceptance with whom I am both good and bad.”

Laura, 2018

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