Inspirit Way Unity

Spirtual Unity~Applied Spirituality

Spiritual Training & Mentoring

with Amadis Cammell

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“In these times more than ever, it is essential people are able to access a balanced holding space, in which one can centre and reconnect with one’s sense of core self (one’s essence). Amadis’s regular online group sessions and live workshops offer a peaceful, nourishing and uplifting space in which to do this as part of a supportive network in a safe environment. I cannot recommend highly enough Amadis’s teaching.

In many decades of exploring the theories, philosophies and practices of spirituality, I am aware Amadis’s particular ability to meet people from a place of great gentleness, compassion, holding, deep insight, understanding and support, is a rare find indeed. I can only say that I am profoundly grateful.”

S. Somerset, 2022

Come to know your innate spiritual reality and realise your inner potential.

Spiritual Unity is designed to promote a dynamic and intimate partnership with your Spirit/Self.

As an applied practice it reveals your wholistic potential. Having greater access to your spiritual consciousness, vitality and love helps you deal with the challenges of daily life and heal your wounds. That and discover inner oneness, wholeness and wellness.

Find your inner teacher, healer, comforter, guide and companion. 

It is all about doing it with your spirit. There is nothing like feeling and knowing your spirit is there for and with you. It is the ultimate companionship.

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“Amadis manages to combine things in the most unique and transformative way. His work is both powerful and gentle, rooted in the physical realm and at the same time profoundly spiritual. His extensive experience, knowledge, and heart-centred approach mean that his sessions – whether one to one or groups – are a very safe space to explore whatever comes up for you. 

Amadis is the real deal. Not everyone gets to work with someone like him and I feel grateful and blessed that I have had the opportunity.”

Maxine, 2022

Who It Is For

Spiritual Unity is for anyone looking to grow spiritually through deep fellowship and connection with your spirit: the source of inner strength, knowing, stillness, love, benevolence, beauty and joy.

Inspirit Way Unity is for you, particularly if:

  • You want real and lasting change.
  • You wish to access your untapped spiritual potential.
  • You’re looking to find an inner sanctuary and your spiritual home.
  • You feel a longing within your heart for spiritual oneness.
  • You are seeking meaning, harmony, purpose and love in your life.
  • You long for an intimate alliance with your spirit.
  • You’d ike to be part of an evolving community of individuals with a shared vision of heart and mind.

Inspirit Way Unity is discovering the inner teacher and master. The greatest wellbeing and power you can wish for comes from within.

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“I value the guidance and time to focus on calming and soothing the stresses of life in Amadis’s meditation classes which I attend.”

Lesley, 2022

Why Do It

Inspirit Way Unity is about living your life in partnership with your spirit and unity with the Whole.

This approach enables you to live your life in alignment with your core values and vision. It leads to greater mental clarity, emotional harmony and physical vitality. A fundamental shift follows where you feel more secure in yourself and better able to find your way in life.

A focused partnership with your spirit provides you with what you need:




Inspirit Way Unity enables you to meditate and tune-in at an ever deeper level to form an understanding of and an alliance with your spirit.

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I have attended Amadis’s Spiritual Unity group for well over a year. During that time my understanding and experience of connecting to spirit has deepened significantly. The sessions are well paced with plenty of time to share experiences, ask questions and discuss profound subjects. The meditations relate to what we’ve been talking about and I always find them enriching and relevant to my own life. I value the group.

Rowena, 2022

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