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Inspirit Way is an integral approach to deep spirituality, psychological therapy and inner vitality. It is a way to access your innate resources and realise your potential.

Finding it hard to gain or sustain that inner connection to yourself that you know is so vital?

Inspirit Way offers a unique holistic approach to helping you rediscover your inner personal, vital and spiritual resources and unify all aspects of yourself into an integrated whole.

Inspirit Way will help you align your body, mind, heart and spirit enabling you to rejuvenate your body, heal yourself and galvanise your spiritual potential.

Whether this is your first exploration into self-development or you have already deeply engaged with psychological and/or spiritual work, you can use any single or combination of these strands to enhance your personal development and healing.

The four strands of

Inspirit Way


Inspirit Way can be more than a method, it becomes a way of doing life.

Inspirit Way facilitates the combined development of your spiritual, psychological and physical aspects to evolve into a unity that is much more than the sum of its parts.

When you form a working alliance with a practitioner/mentor this holds, supports and inspirits you in your remedial, therapeutic, personal and spiritual advancement.

Inspirit Way Therapy


Integral Psychotherapy

Compassionately reconcile yourself with your inner child and parent to heal your wounds, address your psychological issues, make positive life changes and cultivate your potential.

Inspirit Way Unity


Practical Spirituality

Nurturing a loving connection with your Heart Master and forging a trusting alliance with your Greater Self, these aspects of your spirit will inspirit, comfort and guide you through life.

Inspirit Way Alchemy


Internal Qigong

Experience the true nature of your body, energy and being. Let the life force heal your body and mind. Discover the essential, vital and spiritual reality of yourself and the universe.

Classical Acupuncture


Physical healing

It gently adjusts the flow of vital life energy in your body to heal medical conditions and improve your overall health and wellness.

Inspirit Way enables you to meditate and tune-in at an ever deeper level to form an understanding of and an alliance with your spirit.