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Applied Spirituality

  Come to know your innate spiritual reality and realise your inner potential.

What is meant by spirit

Spirit is that which touches and moves your heart, gives you meaning and reveals your purpose. Hence the emphasis on a heart-centred partnership with your spirit so you can live a committed and fulfilling life. It is what touches and moves you that becomes real to you. That is when you awaken, transform and heal.

What in Inspirit Way Unity is referred to as spirit can also be described as your true nature, core self, numinous reality, integral being. In effect, it is the totality of all you are as a sentient being.

    Fully engaging with and making the most of the utterly ordinary is a radical way to live.

Where it takes you

Inspirit Way Unity is a pragmatic approach where your spiritual awareness, heart-fullness and vitality enable you to meet your day-to-day challenges, growing and maturing along the way.

Lasting benefits are attained working with your innate authentic spirituality, unlike prescribed doctrines. It’s one thing to grasp something mentally, it’s another to make it a grounded experiential reality. Slowly but surely, the tranquillity, empathy, beauty and joy you seek become realisable.

A fundamental feature of this way is recognising the true source of your spiritual authority and potency: this is your Inner Master who supports, assists and guides you. All an outer mentor-facilitator can do is help you find your way to this place.

The intimate heart-centred alliance with your spirit is akin to a relationship with an Inner Beloved. For your spirit is the source of the deepest, truest and sweetest love. Access to limitless and unconditional love is of the greatest treasures one can find.

    The attunement and engagement to your spirituality becomes the foundation of your life.

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“To deeply rest and just surrender to healing, l find profoundly relaxing and re-energising. My body, mind and soul feel totally renewed and in perfect harmony! Thank you, the Spiritual Unity classes provide a beautiful holding space which is profoundly relaxing and restful.”

Angela, 2021

How it works

Inspirit Way Unity brings you close to your spirit. The word inspirit refers to being in your spirit as well as bringing your spirit inside you, hence it is the brand name of this inner work.

Specifically designed attunement methods will awaken your spiritual perception to facilitate the working partnership with your spirit. In the sessions you will work to access the inner guidance of your spirit. Applying Spiritual Unity practices will help you to address the issues affecting you at the time so you can improve your situation or at least how you deal with it.

The meditation, visualisation, communion and attunement we practice are life-affirming, mind-expanding and heart-opening. Being in tune with your spirit brings an inner wellness and vitality to your life as it infuses you with positive spiritual energy, feelings and thoughts.

The holistic approach in Inspirit Way Unity means we sometimes bring in practices from of other strands of Inspirit Way. For example, to tune into the vitality of your spirit we can use practices from Inspirit Way Alchemy. Or sometimes the work we are doing on our everyday issues reveals some underlying psychological issues, and for that we may include some Inspirit Way Therapy methods in the sessions to help address any entrenched psychological difficulties you may be facing.

Inspirit Way Unity Practices

Inspirit Way Unity practices include: connecting to spirit in your heart to feel nourished by spiritual love; specific immanent meditation and visualisation practices to become more centred, present and serene;  transcendent practices that align you with your numinous reality so you experience greater unity with the earth, nature, humanity and the Whole. You come to know increasingly the oneness of life with a profound sense of wonder, joy, beauty and love.

The more you are touched by your spirit the more you come to know its qualities and facets. A deepening sense of its reality is instilled within you, to the point where you experience spirit as your guide, master, parent, beloved and higher self.

You will learn to tune into these essential states when you need to so they can inspirit, enrich, support, fortify, comfort, nourish and enlighten you. A gradual shift from an egoic identity to a more spiritual one takes place. As the Chinese say, when your spirit begins to take permanent residence in you it transforms you to become your Heart Sovereign and Master.

    Having direct access to a limitless supply of unconditional love and acceptance is, possibly, the greatest reward of this spiritual way.

Meet your therapist – Biography

Inspirit Way Unity is about you, your spirit and your journey. So all I want to say about myself is what might help to inspire you to explore the spiritual essence and practice of Inspirit Way Unity. 


I embarked on my journey of personal and spiritual growth in 1975, and my professional development in 1982. I have worked intensively on myself, through healing, therapy and spirituality.  Consequently many of my insights how people can address their issues come from personal experience. Forty-plus years of acquiring therapeutic and mentoring skills, combined with my internal unfoldment is what enables me to work with others the way I do.

It all begun in 1975, with yogic meditation and an apprenticeship in spiritual healing. In 1977 I started my twenty-one year spiritual training with my teacher Chan, my foremost spiritual teacher and mentor. Ever since, I have been applying his particular approach, Spiritual Unity. This pragmatic and effective method cultivates a truly profound and intimate fellowship with your spirit. To be led and guided by this true self is a fundamental premise of Inspirit Way Unity.

For a number of years I was involved with the counter-culture which provided me invaluable experiences. Living in alternative life-style communities, co-running community and spiritual centres, and participating in the human potential development movement were great opportunities to learn about human nature.


Much of my understanding and intuitive sense how others function comes from having dedicated much time to dealing with and moving beyond my conditioning. Individual and group therapy helped address that. Even more time has been given to accessing my spiritual reality. As a result I managed to develop my psychological integrity and spiritual capacity in tandem.

On the therapeutic front, Primal Integration and Psychosynthesis in the eighties, Bioenergetics and Core Energetics in the nineties, Deep Bodywork and Healing Theatre in the noughties, Alchemy of Transformation and Embodied Relational Therapy this decade, all have helped discover myself and how to work with others.

Since the eighties, uncovering my true nature has been underpinned by the practice of Qigong and Daoist Alchemy and Buddhist meditation. These have opened me to both my inner and to cosmic life forces. The Diamond Logos Teachings about essential spiritual states and resources has also been a major influence.

A distinct synthesis of spirituality and psychology has evolved from this endeavour and led to Inspirit Way Unity: focussing on healing the personality whilst accessing your core identity and innate spiritual resources. In turn, this transforms the human condition from an existential struggle to an essential existence.

On a personal level, apart from my children, life partners and dogs, those who have deeply touched my heart and played a fundamental part in my life, are the teachers and mentors who have supported, guided and inspirited me on my way. On a spiritual level, my true joy is living in deepening fellowship and unity with my inner Beloved and Master. This and spending increasing time in oneness with The Oneness.


I consider it a blessing that in my daily life I’m involved with what moves and inspirits me. A growing concern is our world is heading towards impending ecological and social crisis. Hence my vocation to help foster a growing and evolving community of kindred spirits able to navigate their life through what may come. My aspiration is to forge an integral way where people can meet in a place of heart and spirit – Inspirit Way Unity.

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“Thanks Amadis for your Spiritual Unity classes. I’ve been doing them for a couple of years and have found very special. It’s surprising how powerful the classes can be even online.”

Catherine, 2022

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