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Workshops listings for 2023
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“Amadis’s Summer Solstice workshop came at the perfect timing.  I so enjoyed experiencing and learning more about the fire element, being guided through beautiful meditations, visualisations and witnessing the wonderful flow of Qi.  It was a very beneficial and inspirational day which left me feeling connected and grounded not only with myself but with the stunning world in which we live.  Thank you so much Amadis”

Jules, 2020

September 2023


Earth Element Workshop
Commune with the sun, earth and nature


Sunday 17 Sepember, 2023

1pm – 6pm

Venue: The Ecotherapy Wilderness site is located in Stanmer Organics, Stanmer Park, BN1 9SE
Stanmer Park is near Falmer on the outskirts of Brighton

Cost: £50 / £35 regular participants and concessions
Paid in advance by bank transfer

Contact Amadis to book your place
07941 665506

For videos and audios of Internal Qigong and Spiritual Unity go to Inspirit Way YouTube channel.

The late summer is the season of sunlight and Earth Element in nature. This element relates to the earth, nature, our body and our inner core centre.

Vital Qigong practices will increase our life energy, release tension, cleanse our body and hence improve our health. Postures and movements, breathwork and voicework will connect us to the univeral life force (Qi) around us.

Through meditation, visualisation and other attunement practices we will engage with and experience our innate spiritual reality, including serenity, harmony, integrity and unity. We also touch into the Oneness and the sense of spiritual wellness and wholeness this brings.

This event is a wonderful opportunity to commune and work directly with nature: the plants all around, the earth beneath, the sky and sun above us. This way we experience the spiritual vitality and radiance of the sun, the vital energy of nature and nurturing power and presence of the earth. For Daoists nature is the temple to practice in and find the Natural Way (Dao).

As always, this event is suitable for all levels so beginners are welcome.  The venue is a pleasant secluded space, ideal for Qigong, meditation and community. It has a covered area, running water and an eco-toilet. Bring a cushion or mat, a shawl and  any food and drink you like. There will be a break for tea and food around an actual fire. Feel free to contact me on for any queries.

October 2023


Metal Element Qigong

Energise, Visualise, Spiritualise


Saturday 14 October 2023

1.30 – 6pm

Venue: Cliffe Hall, Lewes
28 Cliffe Hight Street, Lewes BN7 2AH

Cost: £50  [£35 regular participants and concessions]
Paid in advance by bank transfer

Contact Amadis to book your place
07941 665506

Video and audio recordings of Internal Qigong and Spiritual Unity at Inspirit Way YouTube channel.

Cliffe Hall, Lewes


Internal Qigong Alchemy is based on the Daoist systems of Internal Alchemy and Vital Practices. These increase our vital energy, release tension, strengthen our body and improve our health.

The Metal Element relates to the autumn, lungs, breath, our body’s animating network, (the energy channels), our corporeal nature, plus embodied vital and spiritual presence.

Through physical and internal attunement practices we will experience the nature of the Metal Element within and around us.

The practices include mindful movements, breath sequences, postures and voicework. They also include meditations, visualisations and internal attunements.

Together these cultivate a deeper connection to the planet, to nature and the Universal life force around us. This leads to increased spiritual, personal and physical wellbeing which helps us know The Natural Way (Dao).

As all Internal Qigong events, this day will include ‘Medical Qigong’ practices that improve our health and benefit our constitution. Through particular Remedial Qigong forms and breathwork we will clear blocks, replenish our energy, revitalise our organs and heal our body.

“Through our breath we connect to energy
Through our heart we connect to spirit
Through our head we connect to Heaven
Through our feet we connect to Earth”

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I am doing Amadis’ classes and have find them very special. It’s surprising how powerful the online classes can be. I’ve also loved the workshops outside in nature. Thanks Amadis. Looking forward to more.

Catherine, 2020