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“Amadis’s Summer Solstice workshop came at the perfect timing.  I so enjoyed experiencing and learning more about the fire element, being guided through beautiful meditations, visualisations and witnessing the wonderful flow of Qi.  It was a very beneficial and inspirational day which left me feeling connected and grounded not only with myself but with the stunning world in which we live.  Thank you so much Amadis”

Jules, 2020

March 2023



The Unity Centre
35 Friars Walk, Lewes BN7 2LG

Sunday 19 March 2023

£50 / £35 concessions

Contact Amadis for queries or to book:
07941 665506

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Internal Qigong and Spiritual Unity
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Internal Qigong is an ancient Chinese holistic system well known for its spiritual, medical and physical benefits. On this day we will focus on its healing benefits.

Healing Qigong practices, aka Medical Qigong being the origin of Chinese medicine, include postures, movements and breathwork. By replenishing our life force (Qi), they detoxify, tonify, remedy, and rejuvenate our body; which benefits our overall physical and mental health.  

Through meditations, visualisations and attunements we’ll also connect to our spiritual reality and access our essential resources which increases our inner harmony and wellbeing.

Suitable for all levels. Beginners very welcome. Just bring a cushion or mat, a shawl, loose clothing and water.

Amadis has taught Qigong for over twenty years. His teachings are enriched by nearly forty years of study and practice of classical Chinese language, philosophy, and medicine.

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Contact Amadis on 07941 665506

Unity centre, Lewes

April 2023

Meditation and Application

In-person indoor workshop
Sunday 30th April 2023

1.30pm – 6pm
The Open Door
Church Twitten
(behind 32 High Street)
Lewes BN7 2LU
Cost: £50/£35 concessions
To be paid in advance by bank transfer
Contact Amadis to book your place
07941 665506
For videos and audios of Spiritual Unity
go to Inspirit Way YouTube channel.

SPIRITUAL UNITY is a practical way to deeply connect with your spiritual reality. This workshop is a journey into unitive heart-centred spirituality to feel inspirited, guided, supported, comforted and loved by your Heart Spirit.

Meditations, attunements, and heart-connection practices facilitate a deeply intimate bond with your ‘Inner Beloved’. This can be a profoundly beautiful, heart-felt and at times blissful experience. This deep connection with your spirit leads to greater unity with the universal whole and thereby feel touched by sublime beauty, harmony, joy and love.

The workshop will provide a safe heart-centred space so you can relax, share, grow and heal as well as experience spiritual wellness, wholeness and oneness.

Suitable for all levels. Beginners very welcome. Just bring a cushion or mat, a shawl and water.

Spiritual Unity is based on the teachings of Chan, my teacher for 20 years and the founder of this profound yet practical spiritual system.

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Contact Amadis on 07941 665506

Unity centre, Lewes