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 Inspirit Way Therapy helps to enhance your relationships. This includes friends, family members and life partners.

Why do Inspirit Way Therapy?

Enables you to

Come to terms with a painful past; accept and cope with situations and others; love and care for yourself; have insight into who you are; develop your personal potential.

Supports you to

Be grounded and engaged in all types of relationships; maintain your psychological and spiritual integrity in dealing with others; have open, trusting, intimate and loving relationships.

Helps you cultivate

Personal integrity, embodied presence, emotional intelligence, genuine empathy, grounded identity, psychological wellness, inner resolve, self- care, and self-worth.

Open quote marks

“Amadis’s sessions offer a peaceful, nourishing and uplifting space … I cannot recommend highly enough Amadis’ teaching, his skill as an experienced therapist of many years combined with the wisdom of an acupuncturist and Qigong teacher. 
In many decades of exploring the theories, philosophies and practices of psychotherapy, bodywork, spirituality and energy practice, I am aware that Amadis’ particular ability to meet clients from a place of great gentleness, compassion, holding, deep insight, understanding and support, is a rare find indeed. I can only say that I am profoundly grateful.”

S. Somerset, 2022

Working with your core self

It is essential to include your core self in your therapeutic process because this is the spiritually pristine, potent and authentic part of you. It possesses all the qualities you ever need.

Your core is:

  • Your guide and mentor who empowers you to resolve life issues
  • The perfect inner parent that can take care of your inner child and its needs
  • Your innate healer, counsellor and therapist, so you are in good hands
  • The source of your truth, understanding and strength
  • Where you uncover and recover who you truly are.
Open quote marks

“I have worked with Amadis for over 15 years as a therapist and spiritual facilitator. Amadis manages to combine these things in the most unique and transformative way. His work is both powerful and gentle, rooted in the physical realm, and at the same time profoundly spiritual. His extensive experience, knowledge, and heart-centred approach mean that his sessions – whether one to one or groups – are a very safe space to explore whatever comes up for you. 

Amadis is the real deal. Not everyone gets to work with someone like him and I feel grateful and blessed that I have had the opportunity.”

Max, 2021

What you can expect from the initial phase

The initial sessions are exploratory, where we get to know each other. Based on the information exchanged, we will consider how to proceed and the nature and depth of the therapeutic work.

Early life events are discussed and reflected upon to identify the incidents and ongoing situations that had a detrimental effect on you and possibly traumatised you. We’ll start addressing their negative impact, both then and now. We will explore how their legacy is stored in your body, emotions and mind with the aim to understand and process it. This is done slowly and gently so you feel safe to go deeper rather than stay in defensive mode. In time, when it feels right to do so, we may include body-centred techniques to the verbal therapy.

  In effect, you enlist the support of your spirit and body to heal your mind and emotions. In that sense, Inspirit Way Therapy is truly holistic.

What you can expect from the later phase

The aim of Inspirit Way Therapy is to unveil what is hidden within, to keep and use what’s beneficial, and offload any parts that are holding you back. Through removing negative conditioning and healing old wounds you can reconnect with the real you and lead you to true transformation. By working with the entirety of all you are, you can increasingly live from your true and authentic centre.

After a few sessions you’ll have a clearer idea of the underlying factors that are causing the psychological distress you’ve come to address. You will gain an increasing understanding how your early life experiences and wounds have created your current behaviour patterns.

Every person develops defences in childhood to protect themselves from feeling any further mental-emotional pain associated with any initial traumatic experience. However taking these defences into adulthood is often unnecessary and reduces your natural vitality, creativity and capacity to experience genuine joy, pleasure and wellness.

Through getting to understand how these defence patterns operate and how they inhibit you from living a full and authentic life, you start to undo them. As an adult, you can cope with the painful feelings that were too much for you as a child, and this allows you to uncover and release them. Once you start the process of releasing this suffering, you become able to more fully feel contentment, love and fulfilment.

This gives you space to focus on improving your relationships, including colleagues, friends, family and life partners. You can explore that aspect of your life in as great depth as you wish so you can begin to have genuinely intimate, affectionate, passionate and loving relationships. If desired, I can also offer Inspirit Way Therapy couples work to improve relationships or bring closure where needed.

   When we lose touch with our vitality and core reality we compensate with short-lived external gratification. Whether it is drugs, drink, impersonal sex, fame or possessions, these can never truly satisfy us.

The benefits of long term Inspirit Way Therapy

The therapeutic journey is incremental so positive outcomes arrive in stages. Whenever you revisit particular issues, you do so on ever-deeper levels with ever-greater insight. When you uncover your untapped potential, the more you integrate all that you are – spirit, personality and body – living an ever-fuller version of your life.

With Inspirit Way Therapy you can carry on going ever-deeper to address issues deep within you and to support your growth. Some of the deeper processes we might use are:

Vital Energetics

the therapeutic and body-oriented practices

Integral Dynamics

the therapeutic psychological processes

Core Resources

the therapeutic heart-centred spiritual approaches

This continual process of shining light onto buried feelings brings ever-greater benefits. The more you feel into them, the more you resolve them. This may entail working with your body, such as using movements, postures, voicework, breathwork and role-play. These facilitate verbal, physical and emotional ‘discharge’ which helps you recognise and release your pain, as well as to get in touch with your life-enhancing energies and good feelings.

As and when you feel ready, you may work with therapeutic bodywork which includes gentle touch, holding, soft-tissue massage, and a form of body-rocking known as pulsing. These hands-on techniques aid the process of feeling into and releasing what is blocked inside. A direct outcome of these therapeutic methods is you become enlivened on all levels; you get in touch with your body, feelings, energy and your core.

When we are not in touch with our vitality and core reality we try to compensate for this loss with constant short-lived gratification. Whether it is food, drugs, alcohol, impersonal sex, power, fame or material possessions, these never truly satisfy. What we’re really looking for is to be in touch with our life force and the capacity to feel fully, particularly with our heart.

When you are in touch with your core reality you gain access to your innate spirituality. Consciously or unconsciously we are seeking what we sense exists deep within us – a place of inner conviction, deep trust in life, and a sense of wholeness.

When you uncover your core truth, it becomes the prime source and catalyst for psychological healing and restoration. You discover your true worth, inner purpose, meaning, capacity and creativity. This core self is where you recover what you truly are: a vital, robust, loving, joyful, beautiful and meaningful being. In that sense Inspirit Therapy is not just a psychotherapy but a holistic process and way to realise your true human potential.

About Amadis – Your therapist

I am a holistic body-centered, relational and transpersonal therapist.

I describe myself as an integral psychotherapist and holistic counsellor. These descriptions pertain to my approach my therapeutic work with people but not exactly what is an Unity Therapist.

My expertise may be in several therapeutic modalities but it is not techniques that heal people on a fundamental level. What counts is facilitating and supporting a person’s journey of healing and resolution. It is not the therapist who ultimately fixes you, rather it is your core self, your integral spiritual reality, that will do the guiding, coaching, mentoring and healing.

As an Unity Therapist and facilitator I try work from the heart and my core self. It is from here that I draw the needed insight, understanding and intuition to know how to structure your therapeutic sessions and steer you through your obstacles. I am indeed experienced in a range of techniques, gathered over many years, yet these are only tools, real therapeutic capacity stems from the core self.

The most valuable and effective feature of this style of psychotherapy is it takes you to the place in yourself where you possesses the wisdom, strength and love to guide and heal you. So given all the various ways we will work therapeutically, the main aim is to access your core self and become centred in your essential truth. That way the ‘inner therapist; can guide you to the resolution of your issues and to inner wholeness.


Curriculum Vita

Training & Apprenticeship

The trainings, courses and apprenticeships I participated in are in Body-Centred Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Psychology, Drama Therapy and Human Potential Development. The ones below have contributed to my professional development and practice:

  • Psychosynthesis ~ Foundation course (1982)
  • Quortonio Pattern ~ apprenticeship (1981-1987)
  • Bioenergetic Analysis  ~ Professional Development Courses (1991-1999)
  • Core Energetics ~ workshops and training course with John Pierrakos and Siegmar Gerken (1995-1999) > Core Energetics Certificate
  • Analytical Body Psychotherapy ~ apprenticeship with Guy Gladstone (2000- 2011)
  • Energetic Integration and Deep Bodywork ~ trainings with Silke Ziehl (2001-2005)
    > Energetic Integration Certificate
  • Diamond Logos Teachings ~ retreats, courses and teacher training (2004-2012)
  • Healing Theatre ~ course (2006
  •  Creative Expression Practitioner ~ training (2007-2008)
  • Alchemy of Transformation ~ course with Malcolm Stern (2012
  • Embodied Relational Therapy ~ Basic and Advanced trainings (2014-2016)
    > Embodied Relational Therapy Diploma

Professional History

My psychotherapeutic history of what I have offered in sessions, groups, and training courses, reflects my ongoing evolution of my work with people.

1999–2005   Core Energetics ~ one to one sessions, groups and workshops

2000-2005   Core Energetics European Training ~ teaching assistant and facilitator

2005-2018    Integral Core Therapy ~ one to one sessions, workshops and courses

2001-2014    Integral Core Therapy ~ Facilitator and teacher at the School of Energy Healing.
Also teacher at the Holistic Counselling School

2008-2010    Integral Core Therapy Foundation Course ~ Director, facilitator and teacher

2012-2016    Humanistic Alchemy Diploma Courses I & II ~ Co-director, (with Guy Gladstone), facilitator and teacher

2012-2018    Integral Core Therapy Facilitator Training Course ~ Director, facilitator and teacher

2018-ongoing  Unity Therapy ~ one to one sessions, groups and workshops

I am a member of the Embodied Relational Therapy Association, Body Psychotherapy Network (UK) and Institute for the Development of Human Potential.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the core aims of Inspirit Way Therapy?

Inspirit Way Therapy aims to:


  • facilitate greater self-realisation and well-being.
  • gain insight into, nurture, value and heal your wounded inner child
  • Support the cultivation of your autonomy and your sense of fundamental value and worth
  • respond to the need to have trusting relationships and community
What makes Inspirit Way Therapy a unique therapeutic proposition?

Inspirit Way Therapy has a unique approach by:


  • Integrating the physical, psychological and spiritual so they potentiate each other. In Inspirit Way Therapy, you enlist both body and spirit to resolve your personal issues. It thereby engages all of you in addressing in your psychological process and in becoming whole.
  • Combining hitherto unlinked systems: traditional Oriental spirituality, psychology and philosophy with contemporary Occidental spirituality, psychology and psychotherapy.
  • Resolving your outer and inner struggles to realise your innate human potential.
  • The fact Inspirit Way Therapy is as much about self-realisation as it is about psychological healing.
Can Inspirit Way Therapy help improve the way I react to challenging situations?

Yes. By helping you to:


  • Understand and remedy the way your thoughts, feelings and behaviour  are affected by stress is due to painful childhood experiences and harmful conditioning.
  • Work out ways to deal with difficult conditions.
  • Find a firm inner ground and the security and stability it provides.
  • Transform and improve the way you approach and manage your life.
How does Inspirit Way Therapy promote beneficial changes?

It creates a safe space where you can:


  • Pay attention to what is happening in your body, emotions, mind and heart and in so doing you gain a clear understanding what is troubling you.
  • Work deeply to discover yourself, heal and grow.
  • Liberate you from that which blocks you from being authentic.
  • Learn to validate and value yourself.


Does Inspirit Way Therapy respect my individuality?

Yes it does as it:


  • is not a rigid system, instead it works with who you are and what you bring.
  • sees you as unique including what is going on inside you.
  • acknowledges and affirms your individuality and how you deal with life.
  • helps recover your natural disposition for self-healing, positivity and creativity.
Does Inspirit Way Therapy manage the therapeutic process differently to other psychotherapeutic modalities?

Yes it does. In Inspirit Way Therapy you:


  • won’t be pathologised or labelled; instead you are recognised as multi-faceted which can cause difficulties but can be sorted out with some support.
  • don’t solely focus on your suffering, you will also engage with processes that increase wellbeing.
  • derive benefits which enrich, fortify and sustain you along the way.
  • discover your positive attributes and your human and spiritual potential.
How does Inspirit Way Therapy offer therapy that also induces self-development?

Inspirit Way Therapy is a system of both psychological healing and presonal development, so able to:


  • Create the right conditions for deep inner exploration and self-enquiry.
  • Bring all your disparate parts into an integral.
  • Teach you how to align to your true self and innate reality.
  • Access your innate core resources.
How will we address what I'm going through?

In the sessions we will:


  • Spend time talking and inter-relating, including some role-play.
  • Do some physical work such as movement sequences and breathwork.
  • Focus on what’s happening in your body.
  • Connect with your emotions and find ways to release them.
  • Most importantly, touch into and connect to your core self.

    Why and how can my spirit help me?

    Whether we call it spirit, core self or true self, we are describing the real you. This pristine inner reality awaits for you to access it’s resources:


    • This innermost part of you provides you exactly with what you need at the time.
    • It is there for you, to find your innate strength, intelligence, beauty, love and joy.
    • This is where your wholeness and potential exist, it is the very heart of you.
    • When you drop into your Core, you are nourished, revived and enriched on all levels.
    What issues or needs do people typically have when seeking your help?

    Seekers are looking for practical ways to deal better with everyday life issues. Typical challenges and needs might be:


    • Personal, inter-personal, family and work-related issues; mental stress, emotional pain, existential angst, psychosomatic symptoms, anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress.
    • Issues stemming from a difficult childhood; anything ranging from the effects of a so-called ‘normal’ upbringing to historic abuse and neglect.
    • A need to bring clarity and resolution to difficult and seemingly intractable issues in a relationship/marriage, by means of couples sessions.
    • Desire for support, guidance and mentoring, especially where a lack of these in early or present life is experienced as problematic.
    • A search for a facilitator and ally on the journey to find meaning, purpose and fulfilment.

      What inspires you to work with people?

      I share the personal and spiritual journey of my clients. So I am inspired to:


      • Assist you in your particular journey and be part of your healing process.
      • Help you overcome your difficulties and find your inner strength.
      • Witness you accept, appreciate and, in time, love yourself.
      • Stand by you and help you release your pain and transform struggle and strife into meaning and purpose.
      • See you blossom into the vital spiritual being you are meant to be.
      What makes you trustworthy and competent as a therapist?

      I have dedicated my life to the work I do. Psychological and spiritual therapeutics for me is a vocation as much as a profession.


      • I have explored psychotherapy for four decades and have practiced long enough to have a solid bedrock of therapeutic experience. I’ve been both a teacher and practitioner so have gained plenty of insights and skills in what I offer.
      • I’ve had many hours of my own individual therapy (700+) and group therapy (hundreds) and been in individual supervision and group intervision. I’ve participated in numerous spiritual and personal development courses. I have used all this experience to develop both as a person and a therapist.
      • Over the last four decades I have attended a wide range of workshops and courses, including eight professional trainings. All these contribute to being able to provide an informed, reflective and self-aware therapeutic service. For details please see my Inspirit Way Therapy CV.
      • I’ve been an assistant, teacher and group process facilitator on several therapeutic and healing training courses. I’ve been the co-creator and co-director of the two-year Humanistic Alchemy Courses (Dip. H.A); the founder and director of the Integral Core Therapy Experiential Course, and of the five-year Integral Core Therapy Facilitators Training (Dip. ICT.)
      • I have developed a way of combining deep psychology and spirituality in my therapeutic approach, Inspirit Way Therapy. This fusion delivers a truly potent synergy and an effective way of dealing with historic psychological and ongoing personal issues.

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